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High Speed Download Test & Tweaks

This page allows you to see the maximum thruput that you can obtain.  This test is done by downloading the AOL 5 software (simply because it is a huge, 24 megabyte file) both from the AOL servers (which have a very good connection to the internet backbone), as well as from our servers.

It is not necessary to download the entire file - after about a minute, the CPS (characters per second) display on your download box should stablize, showing you approximate thruput.  If you are seeing numbers higher than 25k bytes/second, you're doing good!  If you are local to our internet service, you should see the Local Server link really fly.

Please do not do these tests frequently, as it uses up most of the bandwidth capacity of our data lines.  Thank you.

If you download the files completely, simply delete them.  You certainly don't want to install AOL on your computer!!!

AOL SERVER         NLE Local Server


If you are using a high speed connection to the internet that is 256k bits/sec or higher, and you are using Microsoft Windows, consider downloading and executing these patches to the Windows registry to enhance high speed connections:

Windows 95 (original, or OSR1)
Windows 95 (OSR2)
Windows 98 (including SE)
Windows 2000
Windows NT 4

For more info on speed tweaks, check out DSL Report's Tweaks page.