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We offer several levels of service for your Internet needs.  Below are our standard services and rates.  We specialize in making custom solutions for your needs!  Please contact us with your requirements.

  1. Free Parking
  2. Email Only
  3. Personal Site
  4. Commercial Site
  5. Mailing Lists
  6. Contact Info

Domain Parking Service

Have you registered a name, but aren't quite ready to set up a website yet?  We'll "park" your domain for free!   Simply email us with the domain name.  When you register your domain name, make sure you give the registrar our nameserver information.


Email Only

Have your domain parked, and want to use it for email only at the moment?  As long as the domain is parked with us, we can offer you mailboxes at that domain with our special spam-filtering service.  Our fees are:

            $25.00/year for the first mailbox, and $5.00/year for each additional mailbox.


Personal Webhosting

If you are looking for a website for your own personal non-commercial use, we offer the following:

            $15.00/month for 50 megabytes of space, 1 GB of transfer, and 5 email accounts.  This also includes access to our streaming media servers.  Additional storage space and email accounts are available.  If you pay annually, the bill is $150, which amounts to $12.50/month.

Hosting includes:

One main account with shell and FTP access
Five email accounts with our special spam-filtering
ProcMail access (unlimited email forwarders and autoresponders)
(Email account can be configured as a "catch-all" for the domain)
FrontPage 2000 support
Apache Webserver with PHP3, Perl 5.6, Python 2.1, MOD MP3, password-protected page support
True CGI-BIN access
Web Email access (for all accounts)
Weekly ANALOG usage reports
RealServer version 7 access
One Majordomo Mailing List


Commercial Webhosting

The "meat and potatoes" of our business, our Commercial Webhosting offers the features you need at competetive prices.  In addition to the hosting options listed above, we provide our commercial customers with:

200 Megabytes of space
100 email accounts with our special spam-filtering
2.0 Gigabytes of web data transfer
Shared Secure Server
Data Encryption (PGP / GPG)
MYSQL Database
Three Mailman Mailing Lists (under 250 subscribers each)

Our fee is $25.00/month, or $250 paid annually.  We also offer the Interchange shopping cart for E-commerce needs for an additional $25.00/month.  Additional space and transfer is also available.


Mailing Lists / Broadcast Lists

We have mailing list servers with customized software specifically designed for high-volume traffic, as well as ease of use.  We support lists of up to 50,000 subscribers.  We can provide unique options like content filtering, attachment filtering, HTML filtering, online archives, and much more.  There are too many options to describe here, so please contact us for more info.


Custom Options & Quotations

We specialize in streaming live content.  We can offer custom pricing for coverage of your live events, both through our RealServer as well as our ShoutCast MP3 server.

Need website design help?  We have staff that can design your site, getting you up and running quickly.

While the above prices are our standard fees, we can provide custom quotations based on your exact need.  Especially if you have multiple domains, talk to us.  We'd be happy to help meet your internet needs!  Call us at (716) 429-5639, or email us at: hostmaster@nleinternet.net.